The Warzone Games

This is a private solos Warzone Game where in true Battle Royale style the winner takes all in a series of 3 solo games.

£5 per entry.

Date: March 6th 5pm GMT

Simple rules, no cheating, no teaming up.

The winner will be transferred entire prize pool via PayPal or Bank Transfer upon winning.

Currently: 24 slots required to go ahead.
(if minimum slots are not filled you will be refunded in full)

Sign Up Below, upon signing up please add Max#1931191 and you will be added to the game on March 6th 5pm GMT. And please add Max Collett on Facebook and you will be added to a private Facebook messenger group for updates, alerts and the winner to be announced!

Your Username

How it will work:
All will be invite into the lobby. 3 games will run with scoring points of:

1st place: 100 points
2nd place: 75 points
3rd place: 50 points

per kill: 10 points

Then the player with the highest points takes home the prize pool and the winner will be announced on the private messenger group.